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Nick Hayes hosts several events throughout the school year for students, staff, professors and community members, bringing in authors relevant to Saint John’s University and Minnesota as a whole. Hayes’ events are often located in the Saint John’s Pottery on Saint John’s campus as well as other venues including Art 102 and Peter Engel Auditorium. For upcoming events see here. Events have included the re-published Jon Hassler novel, Simon’s Night, visiting author Patrick Hicks’ new novel, The Commandant of Lubizec, Jim Rogers visited campus with his new book, Northern Orchards: Places Near the Dead, in the fall of 2015, and during the spring of 2015 Nick also welcomed Irish Poet of the Year, Theo Dorgan, to campus to discuss Nine Bright Shiners, his newest book of poetry. Pulitzer Prize winner, Hedrick Smith, visited campus in October 2015 to discuss his new book, Who Stole the American Dream?, and Irish novelist, Aine Greaney, visited the Pottery in the spring of 2016. This past fall, 2016, Dan Barry came to SJU to discuss his novel,  The Boys in the Bunkhouse. View the event here. Spring of 2017 we again celebrated Sr. Colman O’Connell’s birthday, 90th, at the Pottery by bringing in Eamonn Wall, Irish poet, to honor her.

Aine Greaney, author of “Green Card & Other Essays” joined us, Nov. 23, 2019, for her second visit to our campus. 

Dan Barry, Pulitzer Prize winner, and New York Times national correspondent, joins us to celebrate his collection of columns published over the past 10 years that make up his book, This Land.       Fall, 2019.

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