“Nick Hayes is a professor of history who holds the university chair in critical thinking at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, Minn. His writings have appeared in a range of publications, from the scholarly Slavic Review to Interview Magazine. His recent articles have appeared in The Moscow Times, Star Tribune, Pioneer Press, Newsweek International and Utne.com. He received an Emmy in 1991 for his work on TPT’s special report ‘Television and Democracy in Russia.'” -MinnPost

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Most Recent Articles

July 16th, 2018 – What will Putin get out of Trump?

“Trump will be upset if the reviews suggest that he was ‘played’ by Putin. But, considering the level of Putin’s experience both in geopolitics and as a long-time KGB man, it’s quite possible that Trump will be played.”

July 27th, 2017 – On Trump’s behavior, Putin — and why a Russian adage keeps ringing in my head 

“And so, the Russian story goes. The Kremlin denies any involvement and characterizes the story as ludicrous. Keep in mind that the story can be both ludicrous and true. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation widens its reach and aims closer and closer to Trump and his men. New leaks from inside the White House, drip by drip, come out every day.  Morning after morning, Trump tweets his innocence and anger in vain. Meanwhile, Putin gloats.”

November 17th, 2016 – Trump and Putin: the Bros in Arms 

“The bromance continues. Russian President Vladimir Putin did more to help President-elect Donald Trump than, for example, Gov. Chris Christie. The Kremlin is suspected of hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s emails and letting Julian Assange deliver Hillary Clinton’s and others’ emails to the Trump campaign. After the election, emboldened Russian diplomats admitted to their contacts with the Trump entourage and effectively implied that Moscow had a hand in Trump’s success. To use the jargon of the espionage world, Putin has played Trump and is dealing the next hand.”

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